Sunday, October 28, 2007

Crazy Sock Day

The only reason I wish drugs would have been more of a problem in America when I was in elementary school is so that I could dress up for Red Ribbon Week (Drug-Free Week). It's like Homecoming Week in high school with each day being a different dress-up day. Maxwell got really excited about it, mostly because everyone who dressed up each day got a rainbow stamp, which is highly sought after among Mrs. Stred's kindergarten students. My favorite day was crazy sock day. I have these striped socks that go up past my knees, so you can imagine that we had to adjust them a bit for Max. He thought they were pretty cool. The best part about crazy sock day was when Maxwell came home and said, "Mom, Mrs. Stred had the same socks as me". If he would have been in 3rd grade that would have been so embarrassing, so thank goodness for innocent 5 year olds!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A Porch Full of Fun!

This is our first autumn back in Idaho and I had forgotten how absolutely beautiful the trees are. You’ll drive past an Albertson’s grocery store and because they have planted all the same tree throughout their parking lot, and they are glowing amber in color, it has become amazing for the eyes to behold. Who knew that a grocery store could be a drive-by attraction!

Steve insisted that we have a festive porch, although he wanted spooky and gory décor, and even admitted that he loves the tacky stuff (like plastic cut outs taped to the windows…need I say more), I found my own way of bringing the season to our little front porch. As you can see, there is a narrow opening for guests to enter now! I had to copy my sister, Hilary, and buy three coordinating colors of mums for my front porch. The scarecrow was a silent auction item at Maxwell’s school carnival. Each classroom had a scarecrow they entered in the silent auction, and my name was on far too many of the bid sheets, but the “Ski Bum” is the scarecrow we took home, and we absolutely love it. It is an added bonus that the skis and boots are real and will probably be worn by Max this winter. Steve carved the skeleton pumpkin (Max’s request) at the Payne Halloween Party. Most of you probably don’t think of dentists as artists, but he sure takes his dentistry and his pumpkin carving serious. Details are important to him. Hence his pumpkin looks really cool and spooky, especially when it has a candle burning in it.

The Payne Halloween Party was major (in the words of Posh). The food was delicious, and Steve and I even baked several hours to prepare for the event. Don’t worry, it won’t become a habit! As you can see from the pictures, the electric jeep was the hit for children 3 and under and Max! Pumpkin carving was the other big event of the evening. Pumpkin carving is kind of like barbecueing to me…a man thing

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


My little nephew, Luke, broke his arm a few weeks ago, which was sadly expected at some point because he is such a curious and energetic boy! He is a lot like my brother, Dillon, who has the biggest heart and is good to his core, and is even extremely laid-back, however, he can't hold still. If you sit across from him at the dinner table his feet are moving constantly. You want to just put a really heavy weight on them so your soup stops jiggling! Okay, I'm totally exaggerating, I just thought I'd give you crazy visual! Luke and his parents came to play the other night and Maxwell and Sophie got to sign his cast. We brought the camera out after the fact so we had to re-create the event! By the way, don't you love the leopard print Sophie is wearing? Don't worry, I don't have a matching one!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Still Getting Babied

Sophie looks much different from this picture, but my Mom looks just as good!

My back was giving me major warning signs a few days ago that it was ready for another breakdown. When this happens I now know how to nurse it back to normal quite quickly. I have to rest it for a day or two, do what little stretching my body allows, and pump the ibuprofen. I called my Mom and Dad the morning after I realized where my back was headed for some further advice seeing as they have each had back surgery(s). They voiced a lot of concern, and my Mom offered to watch Sophie for the day, but Sophie is very self-maintaining for a two year old, so I refused her offer. At about 2:30 in the afternoon I heard the door from the garage opening, so I called out "hi sweetie" assuming Steve was getting home early from work (which is not a good thing now that he actually earns money for his time!) It was not that sweetie entering the house, it was another Mom. She brought dinner and dessert over. Just a little something she whipped up that morning after she spoke with me. My Mom is the greatest. She still babies her adult children. Now really, who wouldn't want that? And Steve actually got homemade dessert without having to have guests over! Mom, I love you very much and am so thankful for the many sacrifices you make for your children, including cooking dinners at 8:00 in the morning before a busy day.