Sunday, August 28, 2011

Mosquito Eaters

This morning Sophie, Capri and I were eating breakfast outside at the patio table when the girls spotted several mosquito eaters on the wall of the house. Sophie asked a brilliant question. "What would happen if you dressed up like a mosquito for Halloween and a mosquito eater saw you?" She asked it in all seriousness and I answered in all seriousness..."well, it would probably start eating me one little bite at a time."

Monday, August 22, 2011

Baby Boys in the House!

We have had a couple of opportunities to have nephews hang out with us, and my kids have loved it. Jake, who is really not a baby anymore, stayed with us for several days while Dillon and Nicole went on a much needed cruise. He is such a happy, easy going boy. I thought Capri would befriend him, but instead she be-mothered (or be-smothered) him!! It took several months for the instant terror he felt when he encountered Capri to subside!

We also got to babysit Krew for a few hours one day and had an absolute blast. Again, Capri did some mothering/smothering, and surprisingly Max is the one who seemed to love it the most. I thought Max would play with him for a few minutes and then move on to more exciting 9 year old stuff, but instead he stayed with him for an hour and a half. Max wanted him up in his bedroom, so Krew could watch him build Lego creations. Max even made a comfy and safe little nest of pillows for Krew and propped his head up so he could see. It was quite endearing.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Jenni's Big Bash

What woman doesn't love a little attention on her birthday? Hint to all men: Even when we say we don't want any special attention on our birthday, we don't mean that, we mean the opposite of that! Jenni Terry's birthday was celebrated with lots of ladies, and not just any ol' ladies, really really fun ladies. We went to dinner at Cafe Rio and then bowling at the Boise State student union building. I think I had worked out at the gym that morning with my friend Julia, who has rockin' biceps, so I was in need of some positive body affirmation (i.e. "you're smart enough, you're strong enough, and I CAN see your bicep!"). I challenged Jenni to an arm wrestle because she was sucking it up in bowling and needed some positive affirmation as well and assumed it would come from beating me. She didn't get what she needed...because I beat her. Yea, I was surprised too! This led to an arm wrestling competition between a bunch of middle aged mormon women. We were getting all kinds of stares. The championship match was between Kim and Lindsie McD. I don't even remember who won, I just remember that I beat a couple of people in arm wrestles and got the positive body affirmation I was needing!

Getting Caught Up

Be patient with me while I update my blog for the whole year. I was on the verge of ending my tradition of using my blog to create a family yearbook, that is until I completed the 2010 yearbook and received it in the mail two days ago...and am in love! I love the journaling included in it. So I'm hoping I can remember some of the adorable things my kids have said the last 6 months. And I'm hoping I can remember the fun details surrounding all the pictures I have organized on my computer. So when you see us wearing winter clothing in a blog posted in August, you'll understand why!

Wahooz Family Fun Zone..."Your Family Fun Day One Day Getaway"

You know those radio jingles that you don't particularly like, infact they're kind of annoying, but get stuck in your head, sometimes for years at a time? Steve has been stuck on the O'Reilly Auto Parts jingle for a year or two ("O O O O'Reilly Schucks Auto Parts") and Wahooz Family Fun Zone is one of my repeated jingles ("Your family fun day one day getaway"). Anyway...we went with the Johnsons for a family fun day one day getaway. It's not really a one day getaway, it's more like a two hour getaway. The boys played laser tag. The girls were loving skeeball. We all played air hockey and lame arcade games and earned LOTS of tickets - enough to buy some airhead candy and silly bands! And I can't let history be written without including that I rocked Jared's world in the hoop shoot...twice.