Thursday, February 11, 2010

Steve Celebratin' with Da Boyz

After surprising Steve with a "new to us" Ford F-150 for Christmas I officially had the surprise bug and couldn't get enough, so I decided to surprise him again for his birthday. Any of you that know Steve well know that he rarely splurges on himself, in the form of time, money, anything. My body doesn't want to let me ski anymore because it likes to vomit after only two runs, and this translates into Steve not skiing much anymore either, so I called a few of his favorite boys to join him in a Sun Valley ski trip. I even had his office manager clear out his Friday appointments, and to avoid any suspicion on his part, she scheduled fake appointments.

From what I hear the trip was quite a party. Lots of guy things, like playing cards till all hours of the night (is that a guy thing?), eating huge amounts of food, skiing hard, and did I mention eating huge amounts of food? There are some Bart Hamilton food consumption stories that will go down in history!!