Saturday, July 28, 2012

Maxwell's 10th Birthday Bash

Now this is how I like to party!  I love it that my kids are starting to make friends that I would choose myself, and they are starting to have fun the same goofy ways I do.  Maxwell, being the jock he is, wanted to have an all sports party.  The boys played foosball (yes that is a sport!) then ate lots of pizza and even more cinnamon sugar pizza.  Then they played kickball, basketball and danced a bunch, interrupted by a little sno-cone run.  Music was blaring the entire time, and the song of the night was "Call Me Maybe", which is evident by all the phone signs being made in the pictures.  This is when we should have called it a night because that is when the invitation said the party would conclude, but they weren't done having fun, so I had to do the next most responsible thing...text all the parents for permission to stay late.  They watched "Like Mike" which is a movie from the 90's, otherwise known as "old school" in my house, and they topped it off with more foosball and rowdy wrestling.  I only had to text the parents two more times to get permission for extensions to the night!  When we finally dropped the boys off at their homes around midnight, Max and all the remaining boys in the car would yell out, at the top of their lungs, to the boy at the doorstep, "call me maybe"!!!  I think my favorite thing about the whole night was how Sophie and Capri were included in all the fun.  They truly felt a part of it all, which I attribute to Max and all his kind friends...I couldn't have hand picked them any better!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Humphrey Hawk

Boise has a minor league baseball team with a rad mascot named Humphrey Hawk.  He showed up to one of Maxwell's baseball tournaments and then we saw him again when we went to one of their games.  It was fun to go with newly made baseball friends, but after about six innings Steve said, "I think Max's games are more exciting than these", I couldn't agree more.  I think baseball is only fun to watch when your son is on the team!

Summer Bowling

I love the spontaneity of summer.  Most days you can wake up and decide what fun stuff you want to do that day.  On a super hot day, one that even feels too hot for swimming, what better activity than bowling.  We invited Briggs and Hailey to join us, which made it even more fun, but who knew that Briggs has the form of a professional bowler at age 10!  I was quite proud to beat him the second game!  Max had enough of the gutter balls in the first game and opted for bumpers the second game.  And you know what makes bowling complete?  Greasy french fries in between bowls.  What a great combo...sweaty bowling hands and greasy fry hands!