Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Brothers Gotta Hug!

When I was pregnant with Capri, but before "it" was a she, Steve and I were discussing what we were hoping for. We already had a boy and a girl, so it wasn't a hot topic for either of us, but when asked I told Steve that I hoped it was a girl because then Sophie would have a sister. Steve stopped me and said, "I was hoping for a boy so Max could have a brother"! I love my brothers a lot, but there is just something about a girl having sisters, and I have five of them so I should know. Steve says the same thing about his brothers. They were normal brothers growing up...lots of teasing and the occasional violent episode, but they are such great friends now. They play tennis and have lunch with their Dad every Wednesday at noon, which I think is such a perfect tradition. They go on a big backpacking trip nearly every year. They have so much fun together. I actually love hanging out with Steve's brothers because they are so funny and full of life. They are all very intelligent and interesting and curious. Just a nice brood of boys I would say! Although I'm happy Sophie has a sister, seeing Steve with his brothers does make me a tich (that's a word I think I might have made up) sad for Max. My Dad would tell me that means I should have another, but I'm only a "tich" sad...I'll get over it!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Capri gives new meaning to the word personality!

Capri adds a good measure of zest to our lives. She has huge amounts of personality, whatever that means to you! She has no inhibitions or fears...except the car wash (she literally screams as we get near the drive through!). She loves people, especially men, as well as animals. And because she has no inhibitions, she gives out really great hugs to just about anyone...especially men. There have been many a Sunday that she disappears from our church pew and we find her on the lap of another man. She seems to always pick the tall, dark and handsome ones! She takes the liberty of giving people nicknames. We have a friend named David, who goes by David, and Capri has officially shortened his name to Dave as if they have been buds forever! She has a superb sense of humor. She has all kinds of attitude and spunk and pretty much owns any room she enters. This has made for difficult photo capturing because Capri does what Capri wants to do. Hence the following series of pictures. I think I may have just made my child sound like a narcissist, but actually she is probably my most sensitive, cuddliest and forgiving child, which balances her out very well.

Sophie had a birthday party to attend at U-Swirl, so I decided to stay and socialize with other Moms for the hour long party. Capri was the hit of the party and the birthday girl even wanted her in the group picture. To say she knows how to leave her mark would be an understatement!

This is at my doctor's office. Sophie and Capri got a hold of my cell phone! Ask me how productive this office visit was. A picture can speak a thousand words!