Sunday, November 27, 2011

Capri-isms (some borrowed from siblings)

I must record these Capri-isms before I forget them, because they should provide some good laughs for many more years to come!

At the beginning of every prayer Capri says, regardless of whether it is at mealtime or not, is a statement similar to one many adults use..."please bless this food to nourish and strengthen our bodies", and honestly I've never paid really close attention to it...until this morning. I now know what she is saying, and I had to hold the laughter in. "Please bless this food so it won't break our bodies."

This next Capri-ism actually started with Maxwell and all three of my kids still say it to this day. The only time the word privacy is ever used in our home is in regards to the bathroom, which will help you understand how "private seat" is used in place of "privacy".

I love listening to children sing songs, because often times the lyrics are new and improved. One of my favorite lyrical changes made by Capri is to the Primary song "I Love to See the Temple". The first verse ends with "this is our sacred duty", but Capri sings, "this is our secret beauty". True too!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Tackle Football...Really?

Yup...really. Maxwell played tackle football for the first time this year. His neck looked skinnier than ever when he was in full uniform! He played on the Stryker Orthopedic team again, and they went undefeated again. They manhandled every other team. I can't believe I'm using the word manhandled in the same sentence as 4th grade football! Max (#61) mostly played cornerback and learned the position quite well. He had some great tackles and two interceptions. Toward the end of the season the coach decided to mix things up a bit, which I think is pretty important in 4th grade football, so Max was able to play quarterback a little bit and had several good runs. They got to play on the Boise State blue turf during their opening scrimmage, which was pretty exciting. I also loved watching Max's face as he would come through the tunnel created by the fans after each game. I wish this tradition would continue on through high school, because it gives me an opportunity to slap Max's bootie and see a huge smile on that adorable, sweaty face! The Stryker team also had the best, and biggest, coaching staff, complete with matching shirts and one really hot guy named Steve!

A Weekend With Mulligan

In Sophie's kindergarten class each child had a turn taking Mulligan the Monkey home for the weekend and then were to write about it in Mulligan's journal. I think it is such a clever idea. We decided to take Mulligan to Pinnacle Sports Grill for dinner. Well actually, Max decided we were going to Pinnacle and the rest of us, including Mulligan, were just along for the ride! This is Maxwell's favorite restaurant, not because of the food, but because of the massive screens all over the restaurant that play a continuous stream of sports, which equals Max Heaven! Notice how Max's body is turned away from the family in the picture of him. He was facing the big screen, not the good company he was with! This was our first trip to this restaurant, and we have returned one more time on Maxwell's birthday, but the food snob in me has decided that Pinnacle is a no-go from now on, except MAYBE on June 1st (Max's birthday), if he's really good.