Friday, November 5, 2010

We Didn't Fail our Kids!

The adults had a crazy fun Halloween, but we didn't fail our kids! They had fun too. Capri borrowed an adorable kitty cat costume from Aubrie Johnson. Sophie was the most beautiful mermaid ever, except her adult sized wig kept sliding off her head, so we had to bribe her to keep it on for the ward trunk-or-treat because it was the best part of her costume. Maxwell dressed as a ninja, and he carried around a super flimsy sword that he talked me into buying at the costume shop for $12. I think a paper towel tube would have held up longer! Enough candy was collected at the trunk-or-treat on Saturday night to make up for not being able to go through the neighborhood on account of Halloween falling on a Sunday. Always a bummer! Although Vicki and Derek Johnson hosted an awesome Halloween party on Sunday evening that made up for it, and then some.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Can you say "mid-life crisis"?

Really I don't need to add words to this blog because these pictures explain much more than any words could, but I am a woman of many words so I'll do a bit of journaling. Brittany Johnson and I decided it was time for a party, and Halloween was the celebratory time of choice. We had an amazing dinner, but before dinner was officially served Steve and I made our debut as Axl Rose and Slash from the hair band "Guns 'n Roses". When everyone arrived in costume they were quite upset to see their hosts in street clothes. Steve and I pretended to be in a little tiff about our costumes, a tiff which led to a supposed costume protest! As everyone was sitting down to dinner we discreetly slipped away and put our costumes on in record time. We then strutted down the hall to the "Welcome to the Jungle" guitar intro and then lip synced like Simon Cowell was judging! The funniest part about this whole episode is that it was Steve's idea to surprise everyone with our costumes. I love it when he gets a little wild hair, because then I don't feel so immature! I was so impressed with everyone's costumes, and am so glad we got pictures to capture the moment.

Monday, November 1, 2010

We Love our Friends

These are actually two different dinners with friends...because not only do we love our friends, but we love eating out, so we try to do it quite regularly! Girls Nights Out (or some people shorten it to GNO as code) are always a great time, as are couple nights out (which needs no code). Notice how Jared is blurred because he is going in for the kiss!