Thursday, July 23, 2009

Being the Boss

This morning while eating breakfast Sophie told Maxwell that she is the boss. Max told her that if she is the boss then this is what she has to do:

1. Drink only water.

2. When you watch tv you don't watch kids shows you watch adult shows (and just so you aren't worried, adult shows equals Law and Order and the evening news).

3. You don't get to play on the computer, you only get to do business things like check your e-mail and your g-mail.

Are Steve and I really that boring?

Sunday, July 12, 2009

We Love Costco!

I have a friend who posts a new blog each day and the title of each blog starts with "We Love...(fill in the blank)". I love this format. It really gives you reason to pause after a crazy day and find something you love in your life. My day has not been crazy, but I just love these pictures and thought I would borrow Kim's idea for the day.

We love Costco! Mommy loves shopping at Costco. The kids love eating at Costco. Mom doesn't necessarily love eating at Costco, but she does love not cooking dinner or lunch that day. I love that 2 gallons of milk are approximately $3.00 at Costco, when at Albertsons 1 gallon of milk is $3.00! Maybe it's the whole membership thing. Maybe it's knowing that they have good buyers, so if it's sold at Costco, chances are it's pretty good. Maybe it's the samples. Whatever the draw, we love spending a couple hours of our day at Costco.