Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Eski"nose" Kisses

I just walked in the door after coming home from the gym this morning to a most excellent greeting from Capri sitting at the bar. She always welcomes me home with such enthusiasm and very tender and sweet hugs and kisses, and this morning was no different, except that this morning she wanted Eski"nose" kisses (instead of Eskimo kisses)!

Monday, May 16, 2011

The Elbow Thing

Sophie is almost always a very mild-mannered and even tempered little girl...except when I am brushing her hair. She has a very tender little head and she has been known to freak out when the tangles are bad. Every morning is an adventure. We've tried distraction and bribing and positive encouragement, but it must really hurt, because we still have escalated moments. One day several months ago she was nearly bursting in anger/pain as I was brushing, and that particular morning I found it comical, so I started laughing, which made her even more mad. She looked at me very intensely, balled up her fist and brought her arm perpendicular to her body and said, "Don't make me do the elbow thing". Her body language was telling me that the "elbow thing" would be to elbow me, possibly in the ribs. "Don't make me do the elbow thing" is now a running family joke that makes us all laugh every time we say it.

P.S. The picture is a little bit dated but shows her cute little face and her propensity for tangles! It was taken right after she lost her first tooth. She has since lost three more.