Monday, March 22, 2010

Rollerdrome...We Own You!

The Johnsons, Terrys, Paynes and Weavers hit the only existing rollerskating rink in the entire Treasure Valley, which happens to be in my old hometown of Nampa and is right around the corner from the Arctic Circle I used to work at in high school. Can you say "glory days"? We really had so much fun and pretty much owned the rink that night. Jenni Terry and I were cracking each other up because we got our groove back really quick, doing the crossover on turns and keeping beat with the music! I know as a 35 year old mother of 3 I should feel at least a little bit out of place at a 5th grade hangout spot, but I actually felt super cool. That's one good thing about myself...I can feel cool pretty easily! Several of us made it to the final rounds of the limbo competition, and my graceful exit was even captured for posterity! My personal favorite part of the night was watching my husband and his buddy Jared wear their matching black and shimmering gold almost Ed Hardy shirts with pride. We finished off the night adult style and ate at a really good restaurant that 5th graders can't afford!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Our Second Home

Gilbert, Arizona was our home for four years and when we moved away we thought we would be back to visit once a year or more, however, life seems to get in the way and it took us nearly three years to get back to our second home...and home it still was. We decided not to tell anyone we were coming, except Mike Romney, which was kept totally confidential because he was in Haiti prior to our arrival! The evening we flew in we decided to drive through the old hood and just start knocking on doors. As we were entering The Gardens Steve said, "I think we'll see Matt Porter playing at the park with his daughters" and sure enough Matt was our first sighting! We then crashed the Jelinek pad, tried a couple others but there was no answer, and called it a night at the Nielson's. I highly recommend this kind of arrival - it was crazy fun! Even on short notice our friends were able to hang with us a bit. Our bishop and his wife even fit it into their schedule to join us for dinner. We ate lots of good food, laughed hard, and were reminded over and over why these people make Gilbert our second home.