Friday, October 23, 2009

Fall Photo Shoot

Kim Matthews took these fabulous pictures of our family back in November and I am just now posting them. Is it okay to call your own pictures fabulous? I think it is as long as there are other people in the pictures with you! I LOVE the color yellow, which makes me love these pictures even more. I even bought yellow and grey throw pillows to go in the room where the kids pictures are hanging. It was a must purchase...right? You will notice that there are not many individual pictures of Capri, and also that she is wearing two outfits. That is because she was not at the cooperating age for pictures, so we did retakes. The retakes went about as well as the originals! Something you would notice if you saw the entire DVD of pictures is that Maxwell has become a clown. He used to be so photogenic and looked perfect in every picture, just like Sophie does now, but he has taken to making peace signs, bunny ears and probably even gang signs in nearly every picture. I just about drop kicked him! Luckily he toned it down for a few shots, which are all the ones I am printing up.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Busy Bees Preschool

Love this preschool! Love the teacher. Love the art projects. Love that Sophie is writing her letters so well and I haven't hardly worked with her. Love carpooling with Bridger and Spencer. Love that both those boys are in touch with their feminine sides and are so fine playing barbies, kitchen and anything else Sophie wants to play. And could there be any cuter bunch of busy bees than this?

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Removal of the Enlarged Adenoids

Capri had a constant flood of drainage coming out her nose for nine months. Everyone got used to it - the daycare workers at the gym, grandmas and grandpas, babysitters. They all knew to keep the kleenex very handy when Capri was around. I literally wiped her nose every five minutes. Maxwell and Sophie even came up with their own warning system. They would call out to me "booger alert, booger alert"! We visited her pediatrician, an allergist, even a chiropractor to figure out what the problem, or more importantly, what the solution was. After months of no success we took it upon ourselves to take her to the top - a pediatric ENT surgeon. Within a couple of days the CT scan showed majorly enlarged adneoids. All the drainage that normally goes down the back of the throat was coming out her nostrils. Surgery was scheduled right away. Here is the pre-surgery picture, which was taken right before I gave her a few drinks of water because she was going crazy waiting for her turn, which I guess is a major no-no before surgery (I thought clear fluids were allowed). We then had to wait two more hours because of my indescretion. AAGGHHH!

Post-surgery. Coming off the anethesia was a nightmare. After 50 minutes of this I vowed to bring Steve with me if there was ever a next time (which there was three weeks later to get tubes put in her ears....AAAGGHH again). I finally asked the nurse if I could leave even though she had not stopped crying. I think it was against protocol, but they seemed quite relieved to get rid of us! As soon as we walked out of the recovery room, she calmed down and fell fast asleep in the car.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Capri Turns One!

Fever, red cheeks, gushing nose and good sport were the words I would use to describe Capri on her first birthday. It was obvious she didn't feel good at all, but she remained content despite it all and humored the rest of us who wanted to celebrate the big event, which included Grandma Pat, Papa Dicker and Mike and Jen's crew.

After a huge meal at Red Robin, including a little nibbling on her new birthday toys, we headed over to Krispy Kreme for dessert. Again, we celebrated for Capri seeing as she was not in the greatest of conditions! We have absolutely LOVED having this little monkey in our family. She brings such joy.

Monday, October 12, 2009

To Sleepover or Not to Sleepover...That is the Question

This is quite the debate among parents of our generation. Gone are the days of just making sure you know the parents before you send your kid over for the night. I was talking to my Dad about this subject and he remembers being very conservative with sleepovers, but I sure do remember sleeping over at ALL my friend's houses. Slumber birthday parties were always the best, and they were MOSTLY harmless! Maxwell and Sophie have never had a sleepover, with the exception of family, until a month ago. We are great friends with the Johnson Family and they have a boy Maxwell's age (Kaleb) and a girl Sophie's age (Aubrey), which makes a sleepover swap just perfect. We had the boys at our house and the Johnsons took the girls. Max and Kaleb played quietly like champs in the bedroom and even fell asleep by ten. We asked them in the morning what they did all evening and they said "played legos, read comic books, and then there was nothing else to do so we went to sleep." Perfect sleepover! From what we hear, the girls played hair salon and dolls and all things girly. Aubrey fell asleep by 9:00, so Sophie snuck out of the bedroom and joined the parents for some ice cream. That's my little night owl!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Token Bathtub Pictures

Wet, clean babies are one of my favorite things!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Backpack ALMOST fits!

I'm thinking this backpack might last through the 8th grade, although it does fit her better than last year. Every inch helps! Sophie is going to Miss Janet's preschool again, which she absolutely loves (as do I). Sophie is writing her name well, she knows all her letters and their sounds, and she is requesting spelling quizzes like Max has and does surprisingly well on them.

Maxwell is in 2nd grade with Mrs. Stone, who is also fantabulous. Maxwell is an awesome reader, speller, mathmetician, you name it he's good at it! How is that for some major bragging!

We are always happy when school starts but so sad to see summer end. I was seriously meant to live in San Diego!