Friday, August 20, 2010

Last Glimpses of Summer

Summer is my favorite season. I would love it if summer lasted 6 months and the other seasons lasted 2. I don't want year round summer, like in Arizona, because I still want my fall leaves and spring blossoms and winter snow, but just a few weeks of them, then let's soak up the sun and play in the water!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Charlie's Angels

This is the Verona Ward Relief Society Presidency, which some of the women in our ward lovingly (at least I hope it's lovingly!) refer to as "Charlie's Angels". I am surrounded by three gorgeous brunettes, Kim, Julia and Kristi, which I guess makes me Farrah Fawcett (I say this because of the blonde hair and for no other reason!) I must admit that we work well together. Our fearless leader, Julia, sets the bar high, and Kristi and Kim have no troubles keeping up. Me on the other hand...we'll just say I'm learning a lot! We have so much fun together, we share a lot, including lots of laughs and a few tears, and we especially love any reason to do lunch!