Sunday, December 23, 2012

Lest I Forget

I just need to record a couple of quotable quotes lest I forget them.

1.  The kids and I were watching the X-Factor finale and there was a song performed by a contestant called "All you need is love".  I think it's a Beatles song...maybe.  After the song was over Max said to me, "love is not all you need" in a totally serious tone.  So I asked him, "what else do you need?"  I was thinking he might answer with food or something basic like that.  Oh no, his answer was much more profound.  Without a moment's hesitation he answered with, "second chances".  I had to hold the giggles in, because again, he was completely serious.  But after the silent giggles passed, and I thought a little more deeply, I realized how true that is.  Here's to second chances!

2.  Same night...X-Factor finale...I was shedding some tears over a clip that tugged at the heartstrings.  The kids all noticed my tears and these were their reactions:

Max - "Mom, do you have tears welling up?"

Sophie - "Yes her tears are swelling up."

Capri - "Mom, I'll be your tissue" as she jumped up and wiped my tears away with her hand.  I've used my "tissue" a few more times since then, including during the church choir's singing of "Oh Holy Night" today!