Tuesday, May 25, 2010

San Diego to Calm the Nerves!

My good friend, Julia, and I were in desperate (a very slight exaggeration!) need of some sunny weather during our way too cold and long Boise spring, so we planned ourselves a little trip to sunny San Diego. Somehow the hubbies managed to work their way into our plans (!), and so the four of us had a crazy fun and relaxing weekend. We visited Sea World, where Julia and David got drenched on the water ride, and Steve and I managed to stay mostly dry. Julia says the after shot makes her look like Ozzy Ozbourne's daughter! We ate delicious food. Julia and I took super long walks along the beach every morning while the guys waited semi-patiently! We visited the History of Man museum...hence the Bigfoot picture. Steve and I were also able to spend an evening with one of my favorite cousins, Laurie, and her husband Michael. I always love spending time with her, and Michael just adds spice to everything!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Modest Bath Buddies!

Sophie had a playdate at Aubrie Johnson's house, which turned into a late-over (just shy of a sleepover) and these pictures are proof that they had WAY too much fun! Aubrie's mom wasn't sure how I would feel about the girls bathing together, so she decided to play it safe and have them wear swimsuits. Little does she know that we haven't yet discovered modesty in our home! But I'm glad the girls are clothed because otherwise I would not be posting them on our blog!