Sunday, August 17, 2008

Cousins are the Best!!

I have lots of cousins, several of whom are some of my dearest friends. I am so grateful that my kids have lots of cousins, and am sure they will be dear friends as well. I didn’t get to live by cousins after we moved to Kansas in 3rd grade, so a I am also grateful we get to live so close to cousins – the closest being a 5 minute bike ride!! Here are a few recent excursions with cousins.

While the dads and older cousins were away on a week long backpacking trip, the rest of us partied in Sun Valley.
Not a bad plan would you say?

Emily (6) became Sophie's favorite buddy and caretaker.
I think we have a future babysitter fast approaching.

Maxwell and Elle boating at Lake Cascade.
Elle is such a sweetheart.
I have a feeling Maxwell will be dating her friends in 10 years!!

Sophie and Sicily at a condo in beautiful Donnelly, Idaho.
These two cuties play so well together.
I have a feeling they will be dating the same boys in 13 years!!