Wednesday, November 19, 2008

4th Picture Tag...this is one I couldn't resist

This is the 4th picture in the 4th folder in the "My Pictures" folder. A really hip and cool picture of my sister Hilary and her husband, Andy, during their engagement photo shoot. I thought this should be one of the pictures on their wedding announcement, but Andy thought it was too "BYUish" (which I guess equals cheesy). I sure didn't let any guy lay his head on mine at BYU. I think it was against the rules!

I thought it would be fun to see what the 5th picture in the 5th folder is. Maxwell in the early stages of coloring. The 6th picture is pretty cute too. Max is deep in thought. Maybe thinking about what color to choose next?

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Yummy Scrummy

Yummy scrummy...need I say more? Actually, I'll say a little bit more! A big thanks to Cheryl Bennett (a.k.a Cheryl Bennett Photography) for these teeth gritting photos I will always treasure (does anyone else grit their teeth when they see a little baby or do I need therapy?). And a tip for anyone still in the baby producing stage...take newborn pictures before the baby is three weeks old. They recognize their nakedness after a couple of weeks, and therefore won't sleep through naked baby photo shoots!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Baby Hungry? Then Don't View This Post!

If you have children then these pictures should bring back memories of when they were newborns. Remember the adorable sleeping positions? This is Capri's sleeping position of choice. Irresistible isn't it?

And the stretching is hilarious. It's like they haven't had good sleep in days, even though they slept 23 of the last 24 hours! This picture doesn't show it, but I especially love the wrinkled up forehead stretch!

Calling All Boys and Ghouls!!

When Steve and I were first married I was asked to make a flyer for the Elders Quorum Halloween Party and the first line of the flyer said "Calling all Boys and Ghouls". I thought it was pretty clever, but Steve teased me about it, and 10 years later, continues to do so!

Speaking little boy and ghoul looked as cute as ever this Halloween. Sophie wore her Supergirl costume, just like Mommy requested, but Maxwell was not fond of the itchy dreadlocks on the Jack Sparrow pirate costume I picked out for him, so he made the choice to wear his Power Ranger costume from last year instead. It was a little tight in the area Steve's brother, Dave, refers to as the front bottom, but I doubt people were paying much attention to that!

Grandma Pat wanted to see the kids costumes, so we made a lunch date of it. I had to bribe Maxwell with Gameboy playing time to put his itchy dreads on for this picture!

After the ward trunk-or-treat we headed over to the Albert's house for a great Halloween party. Sophie joined her friends Brecken and Shayden Albert for some more candy gathering with the Dads, along with the bigger boys. The next morning we asked the kids if they wanted to trade their candy for a toy of their choice (under $10) from Target, after they each picked their 5 favorite pieces. The toys were a hit, and they haven't even asked for more candy, even though it is sitting right on the counter still. When Max got home from school yesterday he asked for a snack and I told him he could eat one of his pieces of candy. He replied, "but then I'll only have four pieces." All five pieces of candy are still sitting on his bedside table!