Monday, April 14, 2008

Obsessed with Guns

Does anyone else have a little boy that makes gun noises way too much? The kids are not supposed to play with guns, even pretend guns, at school, but somehow Maxwell knows what each of his friends' pretend "hand"guns look like. His is a long one, like a machine gun. In primary the substitute teacher had he and his two little buddies put their guns away during class, but as soon as church was over they paraded down the halls shooting everyone, again with their pretend "hand"guns. Amy, (his full-time primary teacher) don't let him get that gun out during class. I'll come in for a visit if he does! He turns the hairspray bottle and comb into a gun each morning as I do his hair. His fork is often a gun at mealtime. He has begun to love drawing, and draws several really detailed pictures each day. Each picture is some sort of battle, whether it is with pirates, star wars characters or soldiers. Occasionally he will draw something with flowers on it for me! He got a little spiritual on me yesterday and drew the Book of Mormon...but then went on to draw a bunch of men with machine guns guarding it! He rarely gets to watch television and play video games, so I think this is just something innate. Luckily he is the most loveable and cuddly little boy who will still play teacher and picnic with Sophie, so I think that this too shall pass!