Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Fears of a three year old

Capri is a pretty fearless three year old, but she does have one fear that has held on for a couple of years now...the car wash. She is petrified to go through the automatic car washes. She screams and gets really shaky (see picture #1). It has become a family past time to ask Capri if she wants to go get the car washed because her reaction each time is entertaining! I really had to get the van washed one day and tried to reason with Capri about it. At first she was absolutely opposed, but then her face brightened up and she said, "I have an idea...I'll put the pillow over my face". I just so happened to have a pillow in the car so I could find fabric to match it. Brilliant Capri! And you know totally worked (see picture #2). She did not move that pillow throughout the entire car wash.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sophie is Six!

Sophie is one special little six year old. Steve and I both feel lucky, actually lucky doesn't even begin to describe it, to have her as our daughter. She brings so much joy to our home. I really don't know what I would do without her...really. This year we decided to have small birthday parties. Sophie invited Aubrie and Sicily to join her for Prom night. Brittany came over and did fancy hairdos, then I took the girls to a fancy (but kid friendly) restaurant, followed by the movie "Prom" at the dollar theater. It was so entertaining listening to their conversations while we were driving in the truck. Instead of talk of crushes or dance class, they were tickling each other, which caused someone to let out a little toot, and then it spiraled from there!