Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spring Break Stay-cation

Could someone please remind me next year to plan a warm weather vacation during Spring Break? Seriously, whoever reminds me of that will get a prize, and it won't be one of those home crafted prizes that many blogs give out, because you wouldn't want that from me. Maybe if you're lucky it will be a disposable toothbrush! The weather in Meridian, Idaho in mid-March is not worthy of a break from school! With my complaints being noted, we still managed to have some local fun. We took advantage of many Boise attractions, including the Discovery Center, the movie theater, and our favorite pizza shop and candy store. Here we are with some of Maxwell and Sophie's very best buds, Aubrie and Kaleb Johnson at Flatbread Community Oven. Capri has become Miss Independent and wants/needs her own EVERYTHING...including drink with straw!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sharing a Rainbow

Rainbows are like a colorful little smile from heaven. To me there isn't a more cheerful and lovely creation. I love sighting a rainbow with my kids, and who better to share it with than Caleb and Aubrie! Take note of the burns on Caleb's forehead after an unfortunate bacon grease incident at Fathers and Sons campout!