Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Derby Time!

Maxwell is chomping at the bit for me to post about his first Pinewood Derby. He claims he got 8th place (out of 25 racers)...not too shabby. However, at school today, one of the other scouts said he thought Max got 17th! Maybe I'm biased, but I did see several first and second place finishes for him in all the hundreds of races they did (or so it seemed), so I'm thinking 8th is a little more accurate. Can you see where he got his competitive genes?!! A big thanks to Uncle Dave for helping Max with his wheels and axles at the HP machine shop. I am the Cub Scout committee chair in our ward, and I may have let a few things on Max's car slide under the rules radar. There have got to be some perks with this job right?!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Capri's Crazy Hair

I LOVE Capri's morning hair. I'm really tempted to leave it like that all day, but Steve thinks she looks homeless. I think she looks stylishly unkempt!!