Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sophie Goes to High School

My beautiful baby sister, Cassi, who is a senior in high school, called to ask if I could come up with any creative ideas of how to ask her boyfriend, Spencer, to the Sadie Hawkins Dance. Well, it took a few minutes, but as soon as Sophie walked into the room my right brain started to light up. Sophie is usually not shy, and even more importantly, she is very easily bribed. She can be bribed with gum, candy, chicken nuggets, lemonade, fruit snacks, a little toy, the privilige to watch a cartoon, and the list could go on. So I hatched a plan. Sophie, along with her cousin, Sicily, would dress up in their princess costumes, clip-clop into one of his high school classes and ask if he would go to the ball with Cassi. Cassi, along with my Mom's help, made a crown that the girls could put on his head, and a fabric scroll that had the formal invitation written on it. It went down just as planned. My favorite part was the loud clip-clopping of their plastic high heeled shoes on the checkerboard floor, complete with echoing! As soon as Spencer spotted them walking in, he rushed right over to them and made them feel so comfortable. Sophie said, "Spencer, will you go to the ball with Cassi?" He didn't answer right away because he was too busy complimenting the girls, so Sophie said, "What's your answer?" To which he replied, "Tell Cassi, YES." Sicily opened up the scroll and handed it to him, and then they put the crown on his head. To top it all off, Sophie even gave Spencer a little kiss on his cheek, knowing she would be getting a piece of bubble-gum afterwards for obeying! There was a lot of oohing and aahing from Spencer's classmates, especially the girls. It was one of the most adorable scenes I have ever witnessed.

And look at how gorgeous Cassi and Spencer both are. They will definitely be the belle and beau of the ball! Spencer, thanks for being so cute with the girls. And Cassi, thanks for being the most non-typical high schooler I know! You are the best.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Like Mother Like Daughter

Anyone who knew me even slightly well in college will understand the similarity between me and my darling dozing daughter. My roommates and family will know best, but even someone who sat next to me in class, on the bus, in an airplane, and frighteningly, even a passenger in my car, should also be privy to this memory. I went to bed way too late nearly every night for four years, and my body reacted just as Capri's is reacting below! I have highlight marks across the pages of all my textbooks because I would fall asleep with a highlighter in hand. There was a guy who loved to write all over my hand and arm when I would fall asleep in religion class. Actually, I just remembered this dozing trend of mine started in high school, because several classmates thought it was really funny to swipe my car keys and move my car while I fell asleep in seminary. I didn't think that one was too funny as I was wandering the school parking lot after basketball practice. One time they moved my little volkswagon rabbit right onto the sidewalk in front of the seminary building. I was known to even snooze behind the wheel for a few seconds. That only happened a couple of times, because my parents didn't allow me to drive home from BYU by myself after that, and Steve rarely even lets me drive on road trips to this day. I was famous among my roommates for saying really really long prayers by my bedside at 3 hour prayers, and for sitting on the toilet for long periods of time. And probably my most intriguing sleeping episode was when I fell asleep while taking a shower. Really, who does that?