Thursday, February 28, 2008

Allyson's Apron!

I hope it isn't lame to send a thank you card via blog, it's just that I want everyone to see this work of art by my friend Allyson. She handcrafted this fabulous apron as a birthday gift for me, and she has made her fair share of aprons for other people as well. Notice the flare at the bottom, and the pockets, and the ribbon. She spared no detail. I am so excited to wear it. I threw it on for this picture right before heading to the gym, and if felt oh so right! And yes, I am trying to be sexy in this picture...I know, I'm not good at trying to be sexy! Allyson is probably my most talented friend in the seamstress department. I have tried to be like her several times, but each time I discover that I just really hate to sew, so that sewing machine I bought on e-bay just sits in the closet. Allison is one my most talented friends in the thoughtfulness department as well. She is one of those rare people (like my husband) who is almost always thinking of others rather than themselves. You're probably wondering how then can we be friends...opposites attract! She is also gorgeous and has four blonde daughters who have inherited her skinny, beautiful genes. What a lucky lot in life! She is also freaking hilarious. I better not fail to mention that she has wicked awesome hair!

Oh wait...that was from the mid 90's, this is her updated self portrait that I stole from her blog! I think those bangs rival the height of kid-n-play's hair. If you are younger than 30 you may not know who kid-n-play is. Also, you may not know who they are unless you watched Yo MTV Raps, like I did through high school!

Thanks Allison. You're a great friend. I know you don't like the spotlight but too bad!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Idaho Girl's Night...It's Huge!

I must first say that my husband is such a sweetie. I just got back from five days with my Arizona friends. (Sidenote: Max's fantabulous primary teacher, Amy Blake, told me that when she asked him why I wasn't at church on Sunday he said, "she's with her Arizona friends". Then she asked him where my Arizona friends and I went and he said, "I don't know...maybe Arizona".) Upon my return I checked a handful of blogs, one of which was Jenni Terry's (you should feel special Jenni!), and she had posted a Girl's Night out in honor of lots of birthdays and Rachel Budge, who is moving this tuesday. Sweet little Steve told me to definitely go do some bonding...okay he didn't put it like that, but that is how I interpreted it! Word of the get together spread like wildfire, which was so much fun, because I got to meet three new girls and hang with all the really cool oldtimers. We did a little shopping at the mall, and indulged at Cheesecake Factory. Thanks to my table neighbors, Amy, Wendy, Jenni and Cara, for sharing, because that is one my favorite things ever...I learned it in kindergarten! There are so many people that you mostly just see a bunch of heads, but if you click on it for a close-up you will see a table full of hotties!

Celebrating President's Day with the Animals!

Seeing as President's Day is such an important holiday - important enough to close schools, banks and the stock market, I decided we better celebrate. I called my Mom's house to see what was on her agenda for the day, and whose sweet little voice did I little sister, Cassi. She had really been wanting to go to the zoo with as many of her neices and nephews as were interested. I guess Maxwell and Sophie are the only two animal lovers in the family! Cassi brought along her adorable friend, Kyle, and we had a great little two hour stint at the charming Boise Zoo. By the way, Cassi is not yawning in the picture above, she is trying to act like she has just seen a really fascinating animal, like a llama or tortoise! Great times! We love you Aunt Cassi.