Tuesday, June 7, 2011

We've Been Jimmerized!

I'm a BYU fan. Max and Steve are Boise State fans...that is until Jimmer Fredette came along. Suddenly BYU is on the radar for Max's future. Thanks Mr. Fredette.

For our Family Home Evening activity a month ago we listened to this rap song about Jimmer and now the entire family has it memorized, including Capri, and it is played about 20 times a day in our home...and I'm not exaggerating.


This morning Capri was looking at a Time magazine for Kids and she came running up to me calling out "Look Mom, it's Jimmer Fredette!" This is the picture she was looking at:

It's actually an actor named Jesse Eisenberg, who is a voice in the animated movie Rio, and was in the Social Network. It took a two year old to notice the resemblance! I think we've officially been Jimmerized!