Monday, May 25, 2009

Can I still have some money?

Maxwell lost his first top tooth last week. He set it on the counter, which is made of colorful and swirly granite. Steve was being a good little doobie and washed the counters can figure out the rest! It was nowhere to be found, including the drain. Maxwell was very upset. He was sure the tooth fairy would not be coming. I told him that the tooth fairy would understand and he should write a note explaining to her what happened to his tooth. The result is priceless!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Howdy Partner!

Maxwell went to a kickin' birthday party for his cousins, Spencer and Emily, that had a cowboy theme. I heard from his grandma that he refused to get on the miniature pony. Steve has a fear of horses that must be genetic and is passed from male to male. Grandma even tried to bribe him with $100 and failed. This is a huge bribe denial for Max because he has been saving to buy the Lego K-19 Droid Carrier (sad that I know the name!) which he has seen in his Lego catalog is just over $100, and 25 cents a chore is not getting him there fast! I asked him why he wouldn't get on the horse and he explained that horses can buck you off. I guess he didn't compute that a two foot fall while going 2 miles an hour wouldn't have been very harmful! He still managed to have a really really great time at the party and came home with this cowboy hat as a party favor. We all took turns trying it on. I think Capri wins in the "Adorable in a ganster sort of way" category. Sophie wins in the "I look like a rodeo queen" category. And I win in the "This picture is way too zoomed in and at the wrong angle" category!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Stripes Photo Session Attempt

One afternoon I realized that both my girls were in striped shirts, so I pulled out the camera for a little photo session. Sophie and Maxwell have both always performed well for the camera, even when they were very young (like Capri's age) but Capri is a different story entirely. Most every picture we have of her includes a slobbery fist in the mouth, or at least a finger or two. She is often pulling at someone's hair, which is precisely why Sophie is blurry in one of the pictures, because she is pulling away from the hair grabber. Capri has become a very squirmy and restless child. She is as cute as a button, so people are always wanting to hold her, but after about 30 seconds (or less) she is handed back because they are not sure what to do with her! I am hoping this is just a very short stage. Steve's Mom said that she had one like that, and as soon as he could walk he was as happy as a clam. I would love to have a happy clam around! For that reason I am hoping she skips the whole crawling stage and starts walking at 7 months.