Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Cousin Laurie the Jetsetter!

I have a lovely jet-setting cousin named Laurie (pronounced Law-rie...everyone says it wrong including her in-laws!). She has been in my life all my life, because she is older than me, but I've known her quite well for about 15 years. It all started when she was my host family in San Diego. I had just graduated from BYU and was not yet ready to start real-life, so I ventured to the sunny southern coast for 6 months. Laurie, and her then boyfriend/now husband, Michael, put me up, provided me a job, and were my sole family for those months. My job consisted of working in a restaurant about 10 hours a week, which made me just enough money to eat and go to concerts! They even let two of my friends come and freeload as well! Ever since then, Laurie has been a very close friend. She and Michael are now the proud owners of a very beautiful private plane, which they brought to come visit all their Idaho relatives.

At the end of the school year when Max brought his school journal home, I discovered this little gem he wrote the Monday after Laurie and Michael's visit.

Helicopter Flight by Maxwell Payne

My Mom's cousin Lori (slight misspelling!!) and her husband Michael had come to our house on Friday. They slept with us on Saturday. I guess they loved the room since they woke up super happy. They were glad to see us. I had an Upward basketball game. We won barely, the score was them 40 us 42, so we are glad we beat them cause they are super good. But before that I went on a helicopter flight (it's actually an airplane!). It was super, super, super fun. I went on Michael's plane called Goldie. Everyone loves Goldie as much as themselves. They loved the plane cause it is gold. We went to this place called Hailey. It was fast it took about one hour to get to Hailey and back to Boise. When we were almost home I saw the Boise State field. We went to KFC for lunch then it was the awesome basketball game. Upward rocks!