Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Year of the Zebra

I let the kids choose whatever Jansport backpack their little hearts desired that was on sale at a great discount website.  Sophie chose the one I was hoping she would...we both love bright coral color and zebra print.  It's a perfect combination!  As Max and I were scrolling through all the options, I pointed out a really cool blue plaid backpack, then a green one...and then he saw "the one".  Nothing would change his mind.  He wanted the neon zebra print backpack.  Personally, I thought it was an excellent choice - I always love finding something that no one else will have and I was 100% sure no one else at Paramount Elementary would have this backpack...but, I was worried that Max would get teased relentlessly!  Before pushing the "complete purchase" icon I made him promise me that no matter how much bullying occurred because of this backpack, he would use it the entire year.  Well, it's three weeks into school and other than a few boys in his class who thought it was super cool, it hasn't even been a topic of discussion.  He sure is comfortable in his skin, zebra print and all!

On to more important things...Max and Sophie each have amazing teachers this year.  We are so excited.  They both know Grandma Pat really well, which has been so much fun.  Max's teacher is in Grandma Pat's ward and was Steve's seminary teacher in 9th grade!  And Sophie's teacher taught for a few years with Grandma Pat and claims Pat as her teaching idol!

Off to school they went, leaving the two queen bees home to party!  

P.S.  Bus routes apparently changed this year so I sent the kids home on the wrong bus (for any of you keeping track, I did this on Max's first day of kindergarten as well!).  They ended up at the school office and I picked them 45 minutes after the final bell.  All it took was a smoothie from the Coffee Mercado drive thru to gain their forgiveness!!


Brooke Romney said...

nice packs! And, I'm dying about the bus. It's good to know you have a fault every now and then :)

Alison said...

So funny! I do remember little Max getting lost on the bus that kindergarten year. I'm so glad you always get your kids back at the end of the day.